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Brightburn Full Movie : Brightburn Full Movie 2019, HD Quality and Really Easy for Watching on Your Desktop, PC, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Mac, And othersA high-school movie is done right when the moments and characters in the story are so authentic and genuine that the young people watching feel as if their lives were somehow put on film.

Sometimes your bedrock assumptions about the world and your place in it suddenly collapse, a kind of existential earthquake that makes you rethink everything. For Molly, a Los Angeles teenager, that happens on the last day of senior year, in the school bathroom.

It’s no exaggeration — and not really much of a judgment — to say that Molly (Beanie Feldstein) thinks she’s better than everyone else, with the crucial exception of her best friend, Amy (Kaitlyn Dever). Valedictorian and student body president, on her way to Yale and then, she’s certain, to a seat on the Supreme Court, Molly has played the meritocratic game to win. Her morning meditation instructs her to “dominate the day,” and while her peers have been goofing off and hanging out, she and Amy have been hitting the books and building their résumés.

Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever in Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, “Booksmart.”
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ImageIt seems that we are living in a golden age of female-led coming-of-age comedies. Lady Bird and The Edge Of Seventeen announced their directors as filmmakers to watch, while Blockers put the lie to the idea that it’s impossible to be both sensitive to changing social mores and laugh-out-loud funny at the same time. Annapurna’s new comedy Booksmart accomplishes both of these feats, launching a new chapter in director Olivia Wilde’s career while redefining the “one crazy night” teen movie for Generation Z. The film is predicated on upending stereotypes about both popular and unpopular high school kids, and makes a point of establishing sympathy with even its most cartoonish characters. But this isn’t a group therapy session: Sex, drugs, booze, mean girls, and earth-shattering betrayals all still come into the equation. It’s just that in 2019, the kids running off into the suburban night trying to avoid getting busted for underage drinking self-identify as intersectional feminists.

Booksmart also does an excellent job of depicting the weird, intense bonds that form between unpopular teenage girls—in this case, honor roll students Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein). Amy and Molly have spent their teen years sucking up to their teachers, making feminist protest art—a sign on the door to Amy’s room reads, “A Room Of One’s Own”—and watching Ken Burns documentaries together. The most rebellious thing they’ve ever done is sneak into the UCLA library after hours. Outspoken RBG wannabe Molly already has Amy’s and her entire life trajectories planned out, a dynamic that the shy, passive Amy seems to enjoy, or at least accept.

But then Molly, in typical overachiever fashion, declares that she and Amy are going to cram four years’ worth of partying into one night. This is after Molly finds out that some less driven classmates also got into good colleges, even though they’ve wasted their youths crushing beer cans against their thick skulls. (At least, this is how Molly sees it.) Humiliated by the concept, Molly insists that she and Amy need at least one wild story to take with them to college so no one knows what losers they were in high school. So over Amy’s objections, the two don matching jumpsuits, lie to Amy’s indulgent parents about where they’re going, and head out to the biggest graduation party in town. The problem is that they don’t have the address, and no one is texting them back.

It’s thus uniquely humiliating when Molly learns, in the bathroom, that a bunch of kids she’s taken for losers — stoners, skaters, sexpots, slackers — are also going to top schools. If everyone’s a winner, Molly’s whole identity is a sham.This revelation sets off the festival of furious, belated YOLO-ing that drives most of “Booksmart,” a fast, brainy, nasty-but-nice teenage comedy directed by Olivia Wilde. Molly and Amy, who is about to leave for a summer do-gooding program in Botswana before matriculating at Columbia, have one night left to cut loose, and the movie rides in their wake as they bounce through Los Angeles in search of the party that will be wild enough to make up for all the time they’ve wasted playing by the rules.

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